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Dark Horizons: MC ­ Faction Wars Part 1

Leading up to release of Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps (DH: MC) on Steam Early Access we
wanted to share more detailed information about the game and for the series in particular, we
want to discuss community features and the games persistent faction wars feature.

In 2004 we launched our first mech game called Dark Horizons: Lore, a fast paced first person
shooter style mech game.  Shortly thereafter and what made the game a finalist in the 2005 IGF
we introduced Invasion which added to the game a persistent online war between the two major
factions of the game universe.

This single feature helped the build our community that supported the game well past us stopping active development, and is what fuels us as a team to continue and improve on the vision of faction wars in DH: MC.


Mechanized Corps – Developer Series

Coming this week we will start posting a series of at least weekly posts discussing the roadmap for Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps starting with a series on the persistence engine and what the design vision is for its development.

Personalizing your mech.

We have been working at updating the looking of our mechs with new high resolution textures, and as part of that we are adding additional functionality to allow you to personalize your mech. As in Lore Aftermath you will be able to select from a variety of paint schemes as well as place logos and decals on your chassis. The new feature we are adding is allowing players to paint the mech with multiple colors depending on the paint scheme. This will allow players to really make signature designs for themselves and their squads.

Other features we are looking at are to allow players to create their own squad insignia’s and decal, but this will be a later feature.

Here are some samples of the new higher resolution textures in a variety of base colors.


Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps for Mac OS X

Last week we gave you a sneak peak of the Linux client for Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps.  This week I am excited to show you an early screenshot of the game running in Mac OS X.  This is still an early build of the OS X client but so far it is working well with minor issues.


Click on image to view original size.

Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps for Linux

As promised in our greenlight campaign, we would be bringing you Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.  So far the game was Windows only but I am excited today to show you what I have been working hard on lately.  Here is a screenshot of the game running in Ubuntu Linux.  This is still an early build of the Linux client but so far it is working very well.  Next week I plan to have more exciting news for you on this front.

Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps running in Ubuntu Linux (Click to see Full Image)

Dark Horizons gets the GREENLIGHT on Steam…

steamworkshopThe next installment of the Dark Horizons universe has been Greenlit by the Steam community.  Max Gaming is extremely happy about the support and is currently working on an early access version for Steam.  Stay tuned for more information on getting into the game!

Check us out on Steam on the community page.

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