Max Gaming Studios, Founded in 1998 (formerly, Max Gaming Technologies, LLC) began as a developer of backend systems for automated game ladders and leagues.  The founders passion for video games lead him to build a team of like minded professionals to build their first title the critically acclaimed ‘Dark Horizons: Lore’ which was released spring of 2004.   Since the release of DH: Lore, Max Gaming has completed three additional PC titles of its own, several mobile game apps, two Pen and Paper Roleplayer campaigns for the D20 system, dozens of game projects for our clients, and been involved with provided various other game platform related services.

Max Gaming is based in the greater Columbus, Ohio area, where the team works diligently to continue to grow the company through quality production of internal original properties and contract development of client properties.  Max Gaming has become a full development house through its seasoned staff and developer network, able to produce properties on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone,Android, Windows Phone and the XBOX 360.

Developer Network

Over the last 10 years Max Gaming has forged relationships with many independent studios and contractors in order to allow great flexibility in providing services and development properties.  Our developer network is a group of independent developers we work with to accomplish our goals here at Max Gaming. We are always looking for like minded teams and professions to fill out our network.  If you are a small studio, programmer, 3d or 2d artist, animator, sound engineer, or writer we want to hear from you.

If you are a independent studio or contractor and are interested in working with us on future projects, please send us some information on yourself preferable with some portfolio work. email us

Keep in mind that by sending us a email with your interest this is not a promise of work or contact, but it does put you on our radar as a potential development resource as need arises.

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