The next update is right around the corner, which will be followed by 2 more updates before the winter holiday.

We have been working on various parts of the game including:

  • New and updated missions
  • Weapons and mech balancing
  • new weapons
  • mech movement and cockpits
  • and Faction Wars….

Coming in version 

In the upcoming patch version we have working on improving performance so we can update visual distance in the game, reducing the amount of fog.

Why is this a big deal you may ask?  We have added 2 new zoom levels for use with long range weapons, like the ARCs, LARBS and the NEW! sniper cannon which will be released in .


Also coming in the next build is a new mission “Crashsite”, updates to the mech balancing, additional feedback when being attack, and many bug fixes.


And then?

Coming shortly after is something we are all excited about, and for this we will just let the picture speak for itself.


First person cockpits have been a long time coming , and the first iteration to make it back into the game is coming later in November.  With this we will also support server settings to force cockpit only.


And last but not least we are hard at work on Faction Wars, with elements coming out over the next couple updates with the start of the persistent system coming soon..


Upcoming Events

We will be hosting more multi-player events in November, including a introduction to the Factions in three weeks. To be kept up to date on scheduled events we encourage you to join the OFFICIAL GROUP at .