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All kinds of new goodies….

As we wait for part 2 of the persistence update we thought it would be nice to share some of the things coming together for the Steam early access release.

First, always love to show off the new looks you can have with our new paint jobs etc… What we have added to the mech painter are the ability to paint different sections of the mechs multiple colors and an exciting new grunge feature which lets you weather you mech with battle damage!! As normal you can also choose from dozens of decals and insignia to personalize you mech.


Second is our integration progress with Steam we would like to preview the layout of your new menu system which we are designing to work well with Steam big picture mode as well as set it up to work with gamepads. We also now have the game authenticating with Steam and our multi-player backend!! (NOTE: Forgive our programmer art)


Coming next to our Steam integration and the final steps before launching into EarlyAccess is stats, leaderboards, achievements, and cloud storage for local content.

– MGT Staff

Dark Horizons: MC ­ Faction Wars Part 1

Leading up to release of Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps (DH: MC) on Steam Early Access we
wanted to share more detailed information about the game and for the series in particular, we
want to discuss community features and the games persistent faction wars feature.

In 2004 we launched our first mech game called Dark Horizons: Lore, a fast paced first person
shooter style mech game.  Shortly thereafter and what made the game a finalist in the 2005 IGF
we introduced Invasion which added to the game a persistent online war between the two major
factions of the game universe.

This single feature helped the build our community that supported the game well past us stopping active development, and is what fuels us as a team to continue and improve on the vision of faction wars in DH: MC.


Mechanized Corps – Developer Series

Coming this week we will start posting a series of at least weekly posts discussing the roadmap for Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps starting with a series on the persistence engine and what the design vision is for its development.

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