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Personalizing your mech.

We have been working at updating the looking of our mechs with new high resolution textures, and as part of that we are adding additional functionality to allow you to personalize your mech. As in Lore Aftermath you will be able to select from a variety of paint schemes as well as place logos and decals on your chassis. The new feature we are adding is allowing players to paint the mech with multiple colors depending on the paint scheme. This will allow players to really make signature designs for themselves and their squads.

Other features we are looking at are to allow players to create their own squad insignia’s and decal, but this will be a later feature.

Here are some samples of the new higher resolution textures in a variety of base colors.


Weekly Status Update

No big announcement this week like the past two weeks, so instead I will be giving you a status update.  This past week I worked on more improvements for the non windows versions of the game and did some work on improving the look of the mechs.  Once we get some new texture art, we should be posting some screens of the mech visual updates.

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